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When you and your dog are emotionally connected and communicate well, desirable habits are easier to maintain because of the healthy bond you have created. Cavalletto Canine’s Relationship-Based Training focuses on encouraging good behavior and reinforcing understood expectations. Through our training we will teach you how to encourage your dog to do the right thing because our approach is about establishing behavior rules and expectations and improving communications.

We provide private lessons for highly motivated people who are committed to working with their dog to create and maintain positive change. Cavalletto Canine works within your home and public environments to provide real-life training for your dog. We initiate all engagements with a training consultation to determine which program is a fit for you and your dog.

Sessions are scheduled Monday through Friday in the morning, afternoon and evening.


We begin with a comprehensive consultation to better understand what training is best for you and your dog. We will discuss your goals challenges and you and your dog’s personalities. We conclude the consultation with hands-on training and recommendations for the appropriate training program going forward that will deliver the results you need in an environment that you and your dog can successfully sustain.

Duration: One-Hour Consultation

Cost: $250.

SMART PUPPY PROGRAM (for 2-to 6-months-old)

The Smart Start Puppy Program is a training program to help you and your puppy get off to the right start. The first few months of your puppy’s life are the best time to build desirable behaviors and a happy and healthy bond. This transition period is also the best time to prepare you both carefully for what the coming years may hold. The learning goal is to understand your puppy’s behavior based on his experiences and temperament predispositions and help establish and maintain healthy habits through teaching you how to effectively communicate with your dog.

The program encourages and reinforces good behavior and solves behavioral challenges by working with the natural instinct of puppies. Areas of focus include:

  • Implementing an easy-to-follow housetraining program
  • Establishing socialization and acclimation routine to help your puppy adapt to unpredictable situations
  • Imprinting basic obedience commands, such as sit, down, come and crate
  • Addressing undesirable behaviors such as mouthing, barking, jumping up and destructive behaviors
  • Building a relationship based on understanding, love and communication
  • Giving special guidance for owners of anxious, hyperactive, or potentially aggressive puppies

The training also includes everything you need to know for a Smart Start including guidance on growth, nutrition and grooming.

Duration: Five, one-hour sessions

Cost: $1,000.


The Foundation Program is a core training course to establish real-world obedience control that will help train your dog to be well-mannered and responsive in challenging situations. The learning goal is for your dog to walk calmly at your side with a slack leash, focusing on you and ignoring distractions.

The program focuses on impulse control exercises and teaches:

  • Reliable response to commands including sit, down, hup, bed and stay
  • Loose leash walking, heel and come command
  • How to address behavioral challenges and problem-solve

Duration: Five, one-hour sessions

Cost: $1,000.


The Solid Program focuses on dogs that may do well in the everyday home environment, but struggle to comply in more challenging settings. We will work with your dog to instill high-level training skills by focusing on reliable obedience of voice and leash control under distracting situations.

The program focuses on problem-solving for challenging behaviors and achieving the same results in situations involving more distance, duration and distractions. Areas of focus include:

  • Review learned behaviors
  • Practice behaviors with added distractions
  • Learn heel, wait, go to bed and more
  • Problem-solving guidance for undesirable behaviors
  • Establish solid obedience and laying groundwork for advanced obedience
  • Teach dogs to respond to hand signal commands

Duration: Ten, one-hour sessions.

Cost: $2,000.


The Upper Limit Program gives you and your dog more freedom to enjoy time together. We will work on skills for reliable off-leash control in environments with high levels of distraction such as a dog park. The learning goal is for your dog to respond reliably to verbal commands under high distraction. Clients and their canine companions will work on commands including long-distance come, stay with distractions and off-leash walking with distractions.

The program helps reinforce reliability and more complex behaviors in a variety of situations. Areas of focus include:

  • Master advanced behaviors
  • Practice behaviors with increased distractions
  • Reliable off-leash come command under distractions
  • Real-world, high-level control under the most challenging circumstances
  • Increase connection with your dog and an understanding of what motivates him
  • The ability to determine which cues/skills are most effective during distraction

Duration: Twenty, one-hour sessions.

Cost: $4,000.


The Ultimate Program goes beyond basic and intermediate obedience training giving you the opportunity to be complete partners with your dog. We will work on skills that will allow for reliable off-leash control with advanced training commands. The learning goal is for your dog to exhibit consistent positive behavior regardless of the environment based on your verbal or hand signal commands.

The program encourages more effective communication between dogs and people. Areas of focus include:

  • Learn sit and down-in-motion and sit-stay and down-stay out of sight
  • Work on more challenging recalls
  • Practice behaviors off-leash with increased distractions
  • Increase handler-dog team building
  • Dependable emergency recall
  • Variety of focus skills after distraction
  • The ability to leave items on command after engagement with item
  • Increase self-control and self-soothing

Duration: Forty, one-hour sessions

Cost: $7,600.


Cavalletto Canine offers advanced accelerated programs for select, highly motivated clients and their dogs with established obedience or who have completed the foundation program (upon invitation only).