Our Approach

Understand. Train. Bond. Maintain.

“Dan explains the reasons behind his methods, explores the personality of your dog, and works with your individual dog to get results. He also pushes you to learn the skills needed to get the same results as the trainer. He is the only trainer I have ever met that cares as much about training the owner as the dog.” Read more >>

Cavalletto Canine focuses on training not only your dog, but you as well! We schedule a time to come to your home, local park, or neighborhood and spend time listening to you, and observing your interactions with your dog to understand your challenges and goals. With a strong understanding of your relationship with your dog, we can start to build a positive relationship by applying hands-on training specific to your relationship and environment. Then, we’ll coach you on how to integrate your new understanding with the training skills we develop together, so you can bond and maintain desirable habits and behaviors.

Whether you are bringing home a new puppy or need to address behavioral issues with your current pet, our team works with you toward your specific training objectives and helps you gain a higher-level understanding of your dog. Cavalletto Canine also brings controlled canine distractions as teaching assistants for a demonstration of socialization and obedience relationships, and we’ll work through real-life scenarios together.

How to Be Successful with Dog Training

Our behavioral, relationship-based approach is different from other dog training programs. There are several key points to keep in mind when you engage with Cavalletto Canine to ensure the success of your dog’s training or behavioral counseling:

  • Mastering the techniques learned in our Behavioral Counseling and Relationship-Based Training are highly effective when you commit to each step and consistently reinforce the skills you and your dog have learned.
  • This process is more than training, it’s teaching you how to understand your dog’s behavior, and teaching your dog how to understand your behavior.
  • Everyone who interacts with your dog in your household should be involved to get the most out of the training.
  • You need to stick with it! As with any important goal, this will not be an overnight success story.
  • Implement the advice you are given. Follow-through is key to your dog’s continued training and success. If you are committed, then everything will fall into place.