Our Approach

Understand. Train. Bond. Maintain.

“Dan explains the reasons behind his methods, explores the personality of your dog, and works with your individual dog to get results. He also pushes you to learn the skills needed to get the same results as the trainer. He is the only trainer I have ever met that cares as much about training the owner as the dog.” Read more >>

Cavalletto Canine is committed to helping you and your dog live better together. Beyond basic obedience training, we help families and individuals who are eager to learn how to effectively communicate with their dogs and foster higher levels of understanding.
While dogs are certainly important in dog training, we believe the key to success is you!

If you are ready to dedicate real time and effort to actively working with and training your dog, whether you’re bringing home a new puppy or seeking to train an older canine companion, Dan can help!
We will schedule a time to come to your home, where Dan will discuss your situation, assess your dog’s temperament, and observe your interactions with your dog to better understand your goals and potential challenges.

With a stronger understanding of the current dynamics between you and your dog, we will start to build a positive learning relationship by applying hands-on training specific to you and your dog’s needs.
We will use a variety of training tools and techniques tailored to your comfort level and desired obedience goals.
We encourage all members of the household to get involved to help reinforce desired behaviors and incorporate training and management techniques into every day life.

As you and your dog improve together, we will work through real-life situations, such as using controlled canine distractions as teaching assistants, meeting in real world settings like hiking trails or town centers, and incorporating distractions into training.