The Top 10 Dog Training Mistakes


Not understanding your dog and how to train

Take the time to consider temperament and what works for you and your dog training wise

Not House-Training Properly

Dogs are intelligent but if they are untrained they can be a handful for even the most patient owners

Lack of Socialization

Poor socialization in the early puppy development stage can cause them to become afraid or aggressive

Misalign Signals with Actions

Positive attention for undesirable actions such as giving your dog food to stop him from barking

Punishment for Good Behaviors

Pairing unpleasant outcomes with desired behavior such as saying “come” only leaving the park

Not Enough Exercise

Dogs need exercise, without they can fall into poor health and exert pent up energy as negative behavior

Not Managing Your Dog's Enviroment

Without being able to keep your dog under control in any situation you put his safety at risk

Misinterpreting Your Dog's Behavior

Get to know your dog so that you can anticipate and interpret his behavior

Interfering Human Emotions

Emotions play a large part in the dog-human dynamic and can affect the relationship with your dog

Failure to Train Dog to Respond Reliably to Commands

Training is a long-term partnership between you and your dog, not a quick fix