Behavioral Counseling for Dogs

Establishing Positive Behavior Rules

“Dan has a way of explaining, while demonstrating with you and your pet, behaviors required to achieve a great relationship. It became clear to me as soon as we began our work together, that I wanted to commit totally to this man’s phenomenal expertise.” Read more >>

When your dog exhibits challenging or dangerous behavior, it can cause turmoil in your home and limit what you can do together. Cavalletto Canine’s Behavioral Counseling programs address issues at any stage in your relationship, and regardless of age or existing training level.

Our approach focuses on the core of the problem, and we use a variety of training techniques including classical and operant conditioning, as well as desensitization strategies. These tactics allow us to achieve positive and lasting results. Identifying the source of your dog’s fear, anxiety, aggression or other behavioral challenges is a critical first step in helping them lead a happier, healthier and safer life.

At Cavalletto Canine, our experience allows us to deal with a variety of conditions at varying degrees of severity, including common behavioral issues such as:

  • Anxiety
  • Dog reactivity and dog-to-dog aggression
  • Aggression toward people
  • Resource guarding
  • Separation anxiety
  • Running away
  • Obsessive and compulsive challenges

Behavioral Consultation

Consultation is a critical first step because behavioral issues are complicated and range in severity. These issues are often influenced by breed, or caused by one or a combination of provoking stimuli such as fear, anxiety, past experience, environment, and others. Cavalletto Canine will meet with you and your dog to assess problem behaviors, identify why they occur and recommend the counseling needed to achieve the desired result. We specialize in helping people with difficult dogs, and work to create a customized training program based on the individual needs of each client. Some cases can be resolved in the consultation phase, while others may need additional training.

Behavioral Counseling

After determining the cause of your dog’s behavioral issues, Cavalletto Canine works to desensitize their response to the provoking stimuli and condition him with positive rewards. We will teach you key techniques and training skills to provide the environment and consistent conditioning your dog will need to maintain new safe and healthy behaviors.