Relationship Based Dog Training

Encouraging Good Behavior & Reinforcing Understood Expectations

At Cavalletto Canine, we teach you how to train and communicate effectively with you dog so you can live better together.  Our relationship-based dog training focuses on encouraging good behavior by reinforcing understood expectations with lots of praise, reward, and bonding between you, your family, and your dog.
We provide private lessons for highly motivated people who are committed to the training process and are eager to work with their dogs to create and maintain positive change.  Cavalletto Canine works within your home and neighborhood to provide training that will easily translate to real world scenarios.

Foundation Training

All clients will begin with a 1 hour, comprehensive consultation.  Dan will use this time to asses your dog, their temperament, any potential challenges, and you as well!

A key component to Dan’s relationship-based dog training is the involvement of you and your family in the training process.  Dan will ask questions to better understand the dynamics of your home life as well as your training goals and current challenges.

For some, this time will be used to reset expectations and reframe the training process: We are not just training your dog for you.  Instead, we are teaching you how to better communicate with and understand your dog.  By helping you set clear expectations and reinforce desirable habits, Dan will guide you to the goal of living a better life together with your dog.

Dan will complete the consultation with hands on training and specific recommendations.  If both you and Dan feel his services are a good fit, we will move forward with scheduling you and your dog for lessons!

Regardless of your dog’s age, working from the ground up and building a solid foundation of obedience is essential.  During your first 10 lessons, Dan will focus on teaching you how to lure your dog into position, reward your dog for doing the right thing, and teach you how to course correct when things aren’t going as planned with the introduction of leash and spacial pressure.

In the early stages, proper management will be just as important to the goal of obedience as practicing commands. Dan will teach you how to control access to your dog’s wants and needs by using a crate, dog gates, and your leash.  You will learn how to better manage environments and scenarios in a way that will set you and your dog up for success.

While you work to reinforce desired behaviors through practicing and implementing training strategies into each and every day, you will see the bond between you and your dog grow as you come to better understand one another.

Core behaviors covered in the foundation program include: sit, down, hup, come, stay, crate, and introduction to loose leash walking.  Additional behaviors covered for puppy clients: house training and crate training.


Advanced Training

After completing the Foundation Program, advanced training is available for clients who embrace the concepts and are passionate about engaging with and training with their dogs. We will continue to work to achieve higher levels of communication, skill and a fine tuning of the dog/handler relationship.

Advanced training is for people who love spending time with their dogs and are seeking higher levels of compliance in more challenging scenarios (such as reliable off-leash control around distraction).